The PPRA is excited to announce that the PDE scheduled to take place on the 29th of February 2024 is
now open for registration on the PPRA portal.
A) PDE Registration: The exam registration process will remain open until 02 February 2024. The
PDE will be conducted strictly via an On-Line Platform/system. This means that no physical
or venue-based examination will be allowed for any exam candidate. Oral examination will
be available only for registered exam candidates who successfully show cause for wanting
the exam to be conducted orally. Upon registration on the portal, the candidate who has also
updated their contact email address will be issued with a notification to the fact that they have
booked for the exam and must make a payment within the stated period prior to the exam closing
date in order for an exam seat number to be issued and populated on the exam candidate’s profile
on My-PPRA portal. Candidates are requested to make use of the portal to check for exam seat
numbers or call the Call Centre 087 285 3222 should they not be sure about how to view the exam
seat number. Payments for exam registration fees must be completed via EFT (the credit card
option should not be selected as this is currently not in use). All exam candidates are requested
NOT to send the PPRA payment proof for exam fee payment. The PPRA will be able to
access and process all received payments on the bank statement and allocate an exam seta
number accordingly. Therefore prior to payment, please verify your unique seven-digit
Reference number with our Call Centre 087 285 3222 to avoid queries and delay in allocation
of exam set numbers.
B) PPRA Venue on my PPRA portal when enrolling for PDE: All exam candidates are informed to
DISREGARD the published PPRA venue and/or address that is currently attached or used for the
examination registration process on MyPPRA portal. This PPRA address is built into the system
for the purposes of aiding the exam registration and does not suggest that there will be any venuebased exam at any province. PDE is strictly now conducted via the online exam system and not at
any venue.
C) TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ON-LINE EXAM: All exam candidates are informed of the
following requirements that must be met in order for them to successfully take the exam:
• The candidate must have access to a Computer/Laptop (no mobile phones, no tablets). The
Computer/Device must:
– be loaded with a Google Chrome Browser – please download the latest version from internet
which is usually free of charge (latest version)
– have a functioning Webcam
– have Video and Sound Capabilities
– have a Screen Resolution with a minimum of 1280×800
• All candidates must make ensure that they have access to a stable Internet connection with:
– Speed: 1 MBps
– Estimated data Usage: up to 500MB for a 4-hour exam
Note: If the computer does not meet these minimum requirements, the exam candidate will not be
able to successfully complete the exam.
D) Personal information update: All property practitioners and prospective exam candidates are
therefore required to update their emails and mailing addresses by accessing MyPPRA portal accordingly
to ensure that the PPRA is able to communicate the relevant exam information in time for the exam. Failing
to update the information will lead to a situation where candidates are unable to receive the relevant logon
details for the On-line platform/ system including the very important pre-and post-exam instructions.
E) PDE Study material: Examination candidates requiring study guides and or querying on study guides
orders should direct their requests and queries to or
F) Exam postponements: exam candidates whose postponements were communicated and
APPROVED by the PPRA must also follow normal exam registration procedures except that they need
not make payment. The previous payment will be linked to the new registration completed on the portal.
Candidates affected must write to to share their new registration
confirmation and previous payments in order to expedite the allocation of new exam seat numbers.
All those who would have successfully enrolled for February 2024 exam but wish to postpone must do so
in line with the requirements that are contained on this link: All
postponement requests must be made in writing and accompanied by supporting documents and sent to in order for such requests to be processed further to avoid future
G) Exam results: Exam results will be communicated within 6-8 weeks after the exam date. These will be
viewable on the PPRA website by logging into the property practitioner’s profile via the self-service portal
*(MyPPRA portal).
H) Appeals against exam results and review of exam scripts where required must be lodged within 10
– 14 days of receipt of results or the appeal will not be entertained. Appeals covering letters must be sent
to together with proof of payment.
I) Absent status on the Candidate’s profile on MyPPRA portal after writing the exam: All exam
candidates will have an ABSENT status on their profile after the date of exam. This status will remain on
the profile of the candidate until results have been updated. Therefore, candidates need not panic or query
this when this status reflects on their profile after the exam has been written.
J) Exam related fees: The schedule of fees on the PPRA website contains the applicable fees for exams,
appeals and script review. Follow this link for PPRA schedule of fees:
• Few days before the actual exam date: The PPRA together with the Online Exam service provider
will conduct onboarding training sessions to assist all successfully enrolled candidates to prepare
themselves on the “How To Use The On-Line exam platform/system” including the loading of personal
information and pictures on the platform/system. Therefore, it is important/COMPULSORY that all
successfully registered candidates attend such sessions. Dates will be communicated at least 5 – 7
days prior to the actual exam date.
• Practice exam: It is COMPULSORY that all exam candidates complete the practice exam which is
conducted through the Online Exam service provider at least 48 hours before the actual exam date, to
ensure that the computer is set up with all the correct technical permissions and settings to use the
ExamOnline platform. This practice exam therefore must be completed on the same computer device
that will be used for the actual PDE exam. This exam will help familiarise exam candidates on how to
navigate the exam platform, move between questions and sections and play with the tools that are
available to them on the platform. Once this practice exam is completed successfully, the computer or
device is set up for the PDE exam, and the exam candidate is therefore ready to go!
• During the exam: All examination candidates must ensure that they sign-in on the On-Line exam
platform or system at least 45 minutes before the actual exam time which is 09h00 am. This will
ensure that any technical glitches encountered are resolved in time for the actual start of the exam. All
exam candidates must ensure that they have a form of identification when logging onto the platform
as this will be required.
• Linked Exam level/Question Papers: Exam Candidates are required to check on the platform if they
have been enrolled into the correct PDE exam level and report to the PPRA should an incorrect PDE
exam reflect in the platform. The PPRA will ensure that the issues are resolved before the actual exam
starts at 09h00.
• Calculators: All exam candidates are reminded to ensure that they have an ordinary calculator to use
on the date of the exam should the paper contain calculation questions. Cell phones must be switched
off for the entire duration of the exam. An online proctor will be monitoring those who fail to follow the
instructions and those may be disqualified from the exam.
PPRA takes this opportunity to wish all prospective exam candidates success on the forthcoming exam.
Issued by:
Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority
Education, CPD and Professionalisation Department

Date: 08 January 2024



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