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LOUWRENS COETZER & Partners is a General Purpose Law Firm, based in Gauteng with offices on the East Rand. We don’t mince words or give unrealistic expectations to our clients. We deal in reality. Whether a client is seeking assistance in completing a divorce, seeking personal injury damages after a fall, planning his or her estate — or dealing with one of the many other common problems that have legal solutions — we tell that person exactly how we can, and cannot, help.


Some law firms measure their successes in terms of court victories and financial gains. Others measure their value based on the good they do in the communities where they work. We care about our clients. The...


Our Services The result of this honest approach has been satisfied clients who return to us again and again, after resolving complex circumstances including or involving: Conveyancing the transfer of legal title of property from...


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Factors you should never hide from your real estate agent

Effective communication is a fundamental factor within successful relationships. This is especially true for the relationship between the prospective homebuyer and their real estate agent. An open communication channel is imperative for an agent to fully understand what a buyer wants and needs. Yet, according to Regional Director and CEO …

Why Conveyancing Is Needed When Buying A Commercial Property

Buying commercial property isn’t always a straightforward process. It doesn’t start and end when money changes hands from the buyer to the seller. It involves a lot of legalities and the nitty-gritty paperwork. If you’re buying a commercial property for the first time or you’re not quite knowledgeable with the …

How marriage contracts affect homeownership

  There are several martial systems recognized by the South African Deed Offices, each of which will influence the property transactions in different ways. Understanding this can help homeowners make good investment decisions upfront. “Buying a home as a married couple can be an exciting step in the couple’s life …

What are the legal implications to buy or sell a property “voetstoots”?

Let us start by explaining the meaning of the word “voetstoots”. “Voetstoots” has its origins in South Africa’s Roman-Dutch law heritage and translates to: “to push a thing sold with one’s foot to indicate delivery and not come back with complaints later”. This means to sell or buy a property “as …

The condition report, the voetstoots clause, and what they mean for property buyers and sellers

Buying a home is the largest investment most people make and it’s a lengthy, complex procedure peppered with potential pitfalls, so the last thing you need after successfully navigating the process is to experience buyer’s remorse. “There are so many factors that require the buyer’s time and attention that it’s easy …

Slew of new property laws will have most dramatic effect on agencies and agents – experts

  The Property Practitioners Act is set to change the industry “dramatically”. Other laws attorneys say will affect it include the proposed Housing Consumer Protection Bill, the Land Court Bill, and the Western Cape Government’s draft Inclusionary Housing Policy. Once the Property Practitioners Act – which has been promulgated but …

Use this time to draft a Will & do Estate Planning

    At the moment, most of us are working from home until such time as the lockdown (or any extension thereof) is lifted. While inconvenient, it does present the perfect opportunity to get your personal affairs in order, including Estate planning and the preparation of a Will. Why should …

Is your Last Will and Testament valid and up to date?

  Drafting a will is something that everybody should prioritize since we never know what the future holds. We are all aware of the saying ‘nothing is certain except death and taxes. Morbid as it might sound, it’s never a convenient time to start thinking about what will happen to …

Conditions for lawful processing of personal information

The POPI Act is a new all-inclusive piece of legislation that safeguards the integrity and sensitivity of private information. Companies are required to carefully manage the data capture and storage process of Personal Information within the lawful framework as set out in the Act. Below is the definition of Personal …



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